West Hill Community Survey 2021 - Results

Thank you

The Parish Council would like to thank all residents who took the time to complete our survey. We appreciate that people are bombarded with information these days and your time is precious. It is very important that we know what residents want - this is your Parish Council, after all. Please know that your contribution will make a difference.

The survey ran from 18th September through to 15th October 2021. A total of 210 responses were validated, after eliminating postcodes that were outside the West Hill Parish Council boundary, or contained zero data. Only 11 responses had to be eliminated for these reasons. The survey was online, but residents were able to obtain a paper questionnaire from the Clerk, which included a stamped addressed envelope for the return. Only one survey was returned by post and the responses were added manually to the electronic survey.

Who took part?

According to the 2011 Census, the latest (2019) estimated population of West Hill was 2,015. The 2021 Census data has not been released yet. So our survey response rate was 10%. The age profile was:

  • Under 19  1% (Census = 22%)
  • 20-49  29% (Census = 20%)
  • 50-69  45% (Census = 31%)
  • 70+  25% (Census = 27%)

based on 190 respondents, since 20 people declined to answer. It is slightly disappointing that the Under 19 age group was underrepresented, but all the other age groups were well represented.


At various points in the survey, residents were given the opportunity to sign up for future email updates, or to volunteer for projects.  All email addresses collected were forwarded to the Clerk and not shared with Councillors. It was made clear that respondents could withdraw their consent to receive emails at any time by contacting the Clerk. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Postcodes were collected at the outset to ensure the survey was only completed by residents of West Hill parish. They do not form part of the report and will not be published or shared with anyone.

What happens next?

Councillors will meet to discuss the results of the survey - what lessons we can learn and actions we can take over the coming months. We will also use your feedback to shape our response to EDDC's local plan review - click here to go to the District Council's Emerging Local Plan webpage for more information about what that is.

Read the report

You can read the 2021 Community Survey Results Report here.

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