Become a Councillor

Make A Change!

West Hill needs your help. In May 2023, West Hill and other Parishes in East Devon will be electing their councillors for the following four-year term.

How many Parish Council seats are in West Hill?

West Hill has 7 councillors. Not all of the current councillors might stand again so there will be vacancies, but in any case, all 7 seats are in contention at the election.

What if not enough people stand?

If 7 people or fewer stand, then those people are "elected unopposed" without any votes being cast. If more than 7 people stand, there is a contested election. It is better to have a contested election because residents have an opportunity to hear from candidates about their ideas for the village, and vote for the candidates they prefer. The Parish Council needs a minimum of 3 councillors at every meeting, otherwise it is said to be "inquorate" and is unable to transact any business.

Many Parish Councils face being unable to attract councillors, not just West Hill. But we know there is a huge pool of talent amongst our residents that could be harnessed for the benefit of the community. We appeal to residents aged 18+ from all backgrounds and abilities to put themselves forward for election in May.

You don’t need previous experience as you will be offered training. Everyone brings different skills. Maybe you’re good with people? Maybe you’re good with numbers? Maybe you’re not keen on people but know how to communicate on social media? The important thing is a desire to work together for the benefit of our residents, local groups and businesses. For more information on what local Councils and councillors do, click here.

The video below was made by the National Association of Local Councils and features Jackie Weaver, Clerk to Handforth Parish Council. (The video plays in YouTube, which is a public platform)

As with most things, there are a few rules, such as being over 18 and living or working in the parish. Click here to see the list of eligibility criteria. For more information, speak to a serving councillor or contact our Parish Clerk Anne Oliver on 01404 232100 or email