East Devon Local Plan

The current East Devon Local Pan 2013-2031 was adopted in January 2016.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) is preparing a new Local Plan that is expected to ultimately replace the existing Local Plan as well as replacing the Villages Plan and potentially, at a future point, the Cranbrook Plan. The new Local Plan is expected to cover the period to 2040. It is planned to produce a Draft Local Plan by the autumn of 2022.

The decisions and planning policies in the Local Plan will affect West Hill in the years to come.

The new Local Plan will outline how the district addresses such issues as

  • how many new homes should be built and where,
  • how many new jobs should be created
  • where employment sites should be built
  • and how to deal with the climate emergency.

The Parish Council is committed to keeping West Hill residents informed as the review progresses. We will do our best to ensure that West Hill residents' views are heard.

This webpage will be updated as information becomes available.


The emerging Local Plan is discussed in the monthly EDDC Strategic Planning Committee. Agendas, Minutes and Reports can be found at: 


November 2022

A public consultation on the Draft East Devon Local Plan will run from 7th November to 15th January 2023.

  • The consultation can be viewed online at: www.eastdevon.gov.uk/local-plan 
  • Further details are available on the EDDC website Emerging Local Plan
  • Comments can also be submitted in writing to Planning Policy, East Devon District Council, Blackdown House, Honiton, EX14 1EJ

The Draft Local Plan will be updated following the consultation.  A revised version is expected to be published for consultation in 2023.

Following a request for more information, EDDC have also issued a briefing note on the proposed new community. 

October 2022

4th October   Cranbrook Plan - discussion of Inspector's Report and proposal to adopt the Plan, Housing Monitoring Update (5-year housing land supply has fallen below 5 years), Consultation Strategy for the Draft Local Plan


September 2022

29th September - Discussion of site selection for Tier 3 & 4 villages, including West Hill. Discussion of West Hill starts on p119, with further detail starting on p438. There will be developer presentations on the West Hill sites at 1.00pm (Collier Planning for the Windmill Lane site) and 1.15pm (Blue Cedar for the Eastfield site)

14th September - Meeting postponed due to period of National Mourning

9th September - Meeting postponed due to period of National Mourning

6th September - Further discussion of site selection for Tier 1 & 2 towns


August 2022  Site selection for Tier 1 & 2 towns (Exmouth, Axminster, Honiton, Ottery, Seaton & Sidmouth) -  further detail on the process for considering which sites should be allocated for development in the emerging Local Plan.


July 2022 Discussion of a revised timetable for production of the Local Plan, and Beer Quarry and Caves Special Area of Conservation Guidance Document


June 2022 CIL Levy for Dinan Way Extension (Exmouth), an update on the Levelling Up & Regeneration Bill - Planning Implications, Employment Land Review


May 2022 An update on changes to the housing need figure for East Devon, and an interim report from the HELAA panel


April 2022 The methodology for defining settlement boundaries was discussed, also the requirement for mitigation to offset the effects of pollution in the River Axe, and various CIL priorities. A revised timetable for production of the Local Plan was approved.


March 2022 Discussion of the working draft of the Local Plan was completed. Public consultation on the Draft Local Plan has been deferred until Autumn 2022. There will be a feasibility work on a 2nd new town. There will be a further targeted call for sites.


February 2022 Two meetings continued discussion of the working draft of the Local Plan.


January 2022 The meeting continued discussion of the working draft of the Local Plan, and agreed that the Cranbrook Plan Main modifications should go to consultation

Additional meetings for developer presentations:


December 2021 The meeting discussed the working draft of the Local Plan, and the Infrastructure Funding Statement


November 2021 The meeting discussed the impact of the emerging Exeter Local Plan, how to manage presentations by site promotors on the sites put forward in the HELAA process, and Climate Emergency Policy Approaches


October 2021 The meeting on 5th October discussed the principles of settlement boundaries (BUAB), the importance of health considerations in preparation of the Local Plan, and potential policy approaches for the provision of sports pitches


September 2021 The meeting on 7th September included a proposal to produce a working draft of the Local Plan for December 2021. This would have an overview of proposed plan content and strategy and policy choices. A fuller draft version of the Local Plan will be prepared by March 2022 for public consultation. 

Other issues discussed were the relationship between the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans, the strategic approach to town centres, biodiversity policies and landscape protection.


July 2021 The meeting on 20th July considered proposals for the Role and Function of Settlements. For more information:

The Parish Council has been invited to comment on the accuracy of the report in respect of the community services and facilities in West Hill. The following report has been submitted:

March 2021 - Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA). A Call for sites ran from January to March 2021, providing the opportunity for individuals and organisations to suggest to EDDC sites that they think have the potential to be developed for housing, economic or other uses.

  • An interactive map of the sites put forward in East Devon can be seen here.
  • The  map below shows the West Hill sites put forward for assessment.

DRAFT Local Plan - West Hill Call for Sites

The development potential of sites put forward during the Call for Sites will be assessed by EDDC Planning Officers and a Panel of representatives from the housing and economic development industries. The conclusions will be published in a "Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) in due course.

The results of the HELAA will inform the sites chosen for future development in the new East Devon Local Plan.


March 2021 The WHPC Response to the East Devon Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation was agreed at the Council meeting on 2nd March 2021. Please click here for details


January 2021 Work on the new Local Plan production started with consultation on an Issues and Options document that summarises some key issues facing East Devon and some options for how they might be addressed. The consultation report can be seen at: Issues and Options Report Jan 2021