Did you know..? West Hill and Aircraft

Following a year of Covid lockdown and very few flights from Exeter Airport West Hill residents are aware that planes are once again flying to/from the airport.

Residents sometimes contact the Council to raise concerns about aircraft noise or low flying aircraft. 

Did you know …..?

Exeter Airport has an Airport Consultative Committee (ACC).  The ACC acts as a channel between the local population and the airport & airline-related businesses.  It meets 5 times a year and the minutes are published on the airport website About Us - Exeter Airport (exeter-airport.co.uk)

West Hill Parish Council (WHPC) attends the meetings to represent residents.  Residents are welcome to contact the Parish Council but we encourage residents to also contact the committee directly at

  • Exeter Airport Consultative Committee, The Council Offices, Knowle, Sidmouth EX10 8HL

In response to queries on aircraft noise and low flying the ACC has circulated the following documents for information

Please note there is a mistake on page 8 –  low flying military aircraft - the document quotes  SWF-lowflying@mod.gov.uk  but the correct email address is    SWK-lowflying@mod.gov.uk.   The document will be amended,

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