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New for 2020 - Open Spaces Committee

West Hill Parish Council has created an Open Spaces Committee to manage, maintain and improve the open spaces and any other land or assets owned or managed by the Parish Council. The Committee will work in partnership with external bodies, such as The Woodland Trust, where appropriate.  The overall aim of the Committee will be to enhance the village environment for the benefit and safety of the community.

For 2020 this will include   

  1. Village Lengthsman   

  2. Footpaths       

  3. Litter /Dog Waste Bins           

  4. Playpark         

  5. Broadoak Plantation - working in liaison with Tilhill Ltd (the contractor for The Woodland Trust)   

  6. Bus Shelter    

  7. Hedges           

  8. Noxious/Invasive Weeds       

  9. Air Ambulance Lighting Column        

  10. Vehicle Activated Signs         

  11. Landmark Tree Planting        

  12. Village Snow Warden

Projects 2020    

  1. Clearance of Himalayan Balsam (West Hill Road)

  2. West Hill Trees          

The Committee will meet

  • on the last Tuesday of the month

  • at 1.00pm at The Narthex, Sit Michael’s, Bendarroch Road

  • the meeting will be open to the public

  • Public participation will feature on each Agenda and is an opportunity for residents to raise concerns with the Council

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