East Devon DRAFT Local Plan News: How will it affect for West Hill?

East Devon Local Plan News:  How will it affect West Hill?

EDDC have published a "Work in Progress" draft of the new Local Plan for East Devon.  The Local Plan will set the strategy and policies that will affect East Devon and West Hill in the years to come.

The published papers are "working version" and are subject to change. However they provide an insight to the direction and thinking behind the draft plan.   A provisional timetable for public consultation has been published, with a target date of early summer 2022 for the public consultation.  West Hill Parish Council welcomes the opportunity to read an early version of the plan.

West Hill Parish Council will review the papers and discuss them at the WHPC Council meeting on Wednesday 5th January.  Councillors welcome residents comments on the proposals but please note that the EDDC consultation does not start until summer 2022.

Councillors will also view the upcoming  EDDC Strategic Planning Committee debate on  2pm on Tuesday 14th December where the papers will be debated.  These meetings are recorded and made available to the to public to view online on EDDCs  Council’s Youtube Channel.

The "work in progress" draft papers include

Additional documents:


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