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Important Notice - How the Council will operate during the Covid19 situation

Council Meetings – Important Notice

Due to government advice regarding COVID-19, the Council has made the decision to suspend all public meetings until further notice. This includes the Annual Council Meeting on 5th May 2020, and the Annual Parish Meeting on 15th May 2020.

At the Council meeting on 17th March, the Council resolved to delegate authority to the Proper Officer (Anne Oliver) to take such actions and decisions as are required at this time, subject to the extant Standing Orders and Financial regulations of West Hill Parish Council and in conjunction with the Chair and Vice-Chair. Such actions and decisions to be reported to Councillors as soon as possible after execution and to be subject to ratification once Council resumes normal operation and meetings can be safely convened as per Government advice. (Minute 20/092)

The Council has set up video-conferencing facilities to enable councillors and the clerk to hold virtual meetings. By law, these are NOT Council meetings, as these must be held in public. This will allow councillors to discuss urgent matters and means that Proper Officer (Clerk) can get the best information on Councillors’ views.

Councillors will adhere to the published schedule of meetings.  The next monthly meeting will be on 7th April.

The Council will publish an Agenda of the urgent matters to be discussed. Virtual meetings will be on the date that Council meeting would have been held. Members of the public are welcome to submit comments on Agenda matters, or to raise any matters they wish Councillors to consider, as they would be able to during the normal Public Session.  Please send comments to the Clerk (Anne) at  clerk@westhillparishcouncil.co.uk.

For Planning matters, the Council is a statutory consultee. The Proper Officer (Clerk) will collate the comments of councillors and submit them to the Planning Authority. Members of the public are encouraged to submit their comments on the Planning Portal as usual: planning.eastdevon.gov.uk/online-applications/



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