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What has happened to our village gateway sign?

Cllrs were very pleased to see that the Village Gateway sign at the junction of B3180/Bendarroch Road was removed by DCC HIghways today (15th June 2021).


In a perfect exampleof "the best laid plans", Councillors were distraught to discover that the village gateway sign on Bendarroch Road has been relocated to a spot on the B3180 where it now obscures the view of drivers turning right from Bendarroch onto the B3180!

What is going on? The Parish Council asked DCC Highways a year ago to move both village gateway signs onto the B3180 so that drivers would realise that they were entering a village and hopefully slow down. This was one of the ideas put forward by residents concerned about speeding traffic on the road.

The new locations were chosen by Highways because you can't put roadsigns just anywhere, they might obscure someone's view. A safety assessment was apparently carried out and WHPC had no input and was not consulted about the likely locations.

Clearly this is unsuitable and the sign will have to be moved.

Fortunately Parish, District and County Councillor Jess Bailey is on the case and has quickly contacted DCC Highways to request that they please put the sign in a more sensible place.