Latest VAS report for 21-Jun to 5-Jul - B3180

Latest VAS report  21st Jun - 5th Jul 2021

  • Location: Ltlle Stckleigh, B3180 facing Daisymount
  • In summary, more than approx 66% vehicles exceeded the 20mph speed limit, average speed of speeding traffic approx 35mph.
  • Traffic volumes, 45,571 increased by  31% since early April but this may be due vehicles travelling to the to the Devon County Show.
  • Please click here  for the detailed report. 

Please note that it will take some time for Councillors to develop the optimum report layout. The VAS unit collects detailed vehicle speed/time/date information and we will be refining the report over the coming weeks/months as we interrogate the data.  Please remember we can only report data if it is collected by the VAS.

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