VAS - Vehicle Activated Signs February 2020 Update

Traffic Study – Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS)

February 2020

Cllrs MH & JB and the Clerk recently met with Highways (4 Feb) to review the proposed sites for VAS.  Various sites were considered taking into account factors such as:

  • Proximity to the start of speed restrictions
  • Proximity to other signs
  • User safety - the signs need to move and be installed across sites

WHPC now has Highways approval for a two phased approach:


Phase 1

The following locations have approval for a post for a mobile VAS.  The posts can be fitted with brackets allowing the sign to be positioned in different directions eg north or south, as required.



A Bendarroch Road junction with Moorlands

B West Hill road junction with Bendarroch Road

D B3180, Outside Ridge House

E B3180, Outside Little Stockleigh

The estimated cost of phase 1 for purchase and installation by Highways

  • Mobile VAS device approx. + 4 posts = £2,800 + 4x£200 = £3,600+vat
  • In addition, costs for Lengthsman to move the signs between sites as per schedule (to be agreed)

The anticipated delivery and installation time is 3-6 months.


Phase 2

Phase 2 will focus on West Hill Road and will address two issues.

  1. Four locations on West Hill Road are under consideration.  Decisions on three sites are are linked - further safety/school consultations are required regarding the existing flashing School signs and the proposed new entrance to the Village Hall.
  2. Is a second VAS device required or can the scheme be operated with 1 VAS?  Experience in phase 1 will help inform this decision.

The potential locations are:



C  West Hill Road / Junction with School Lane

  • Request to change the School Lights for a Permanent VAS.
  • Consult with Road Safety and School

F  West Hill Road/Junction with Needlewood Close

G  West Hill Road near junction with Warren Park

  • Permanent Solar VAS on site.
  • May wish to be moved

H  West Hill Road junction with Ashley Brake

  • School Lights
  • May wish to be moved if new School Entrance is built.

Anne, Parish Clerk

February 2020

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