Traffic Study Update February 2020 - Vehicle Activated Signs

Vehicle Activated Signs

The Parish Council has been working with DCC Highways to agree several sites for a Vehicle Activated Sign. If a vehicle approaches the sign faster than the speed limit, a flashing sign displays the correct speed limit and “Slow Down”. The signs can be rotated around several sites – this has a greater impact than a permanent sign. Experience with this system in Newton Poppleford has been positive.

We have agreed a two phased approach with Highways.

Phase 1

The following locations have approval for a post for a mobile VAS. The posts can be fitted with brackets to allow the sign to be positioned in different directions.

Locations:       A. Bendarroch Road junction with Moorlands

                        B. West Hill junction with Bendarroch Road

                        D. B3180 outside Ridge House

                        E. B3180 outside Little Stockleigh

The estimated cost of phase 1 for purchase and installation by Highways is £3,600 + VAT. In addition there will be costs for the Lengthsman to move the sign between sites as per schedule. The anticipated delivery and installation time is 3-6 months.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will focus on West Hill Road and will address two issues –

  1. Four locations on West Hill Road are under consideration. There are further safety and school consultations needed with regard to the existing flashing school signs and fixed VAS which may need to be moved in the light of the proposed new pedestrian access to the Village Hall.
  1. Experience with Phase 1 will inform the decision as to whether a second VAS device is needed.

The potential locations are:

C. West Hill Road junction with School Lane. We may be able to have a permanent VAS to replace the current flashing school light. Further consultation with Road Safety & School are needed

F. West Hill Road junction with Needlewood Close

G. West Hill Road near junction with Warren Park. There is a permanent solar VAS on site which we may wish to move.

H. West Hill Road junction with Ashley Brake. The flashing school sign may need to be moved if new pedestrian access to Village Hall/School is approved.

Cllr Margaret Hall

February 2020

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